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The Best Watches Fresh on The Market – Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

The Original Senator Cosmopolite is one of the most beautiful pieces developed by Glashütte, and its beauty is in part due to the high-end materials, genius design, and the mammoth features included in this luxury wrist watch.

On the dial, you will find an easy to read Roman numeral traditional design, but with a modern classic style and additional features. Included are time zones the user can set, which is perfect for those who travel for pleasure or on business.

As expected by Glashütte, the elegance of this wristwatch is undeniable. The Senator Cosmopolite is distinguished by lacquered silver-grained dial that features a black railroad chapter ring that frames the black Roman numerals. The Roman numerals are simple and not over-bearing, with symmetrical placement along the central vertical axis of the dial.

At the top of the dial is the 12-Hour Home Time dial, which presents a black minute ring …

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