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LeheriyaSarees: A Simple Saree Which Can Make You Look Beautiful

Emerging from the rural corners of the state of vast deserts, leheriya sarees have earned an auspicious place in the hearts of people all across the country. The extraordinary charm of such sarees lies in the scenicripple formation that is reflected on the cloth. The beautiful pattern of complex wave formations imprinted with vibrant colors and psychedelic shades have inspired its name which is the Rajasthani distinction for ‘waves’. With simplicity dripping down from the waves that seem to scatter from a concentrated center, leheriya sarees explicitly carry the essence of pure Rajasthan which unquestionably makes you look beautiful.

History Attached To Your Favorite LeheriyaSarees

The tie-resisting dye technique was initially spotted in the beautiful turbans of the men in Rajasthan in the nineteenth century. It had soon opened the gates for modern trading opportunities for the local merchants in the state. Though it was initially manufactured in the bright …

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