5 Easy Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New

Your clothing is bound to get dirty, from a beautiful blouse to a trophy husband shirt. Every wash cycle should get things clean. Like many people, you have probably had clothes ruined in the washing machine or dryer. There must be some way to prevent a sweater from shrinking or those tights from wrinkling. Your clothes can look brand new every time you wash them if you follow these five tips.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out Before Washing Them

All tops should be put inside out. The spin cycle will still cause some wear and tear but, if it is on the inside, then there should be minimal wear on the outside. Washing your clothes this way will also prevent buttons, beading, and other embellishments from getting loose, falling off, or being lost. An inside-out wash will yield clothing that looks brand new every time.

Set the Machine on a Gentle Cycle

If you are washing delicate fabrics that are labeled for dry cleaning, a gentle cycle will help to protect them. Sort your garments out so you see which ones need special care. Other items, such as jeans or pajamas, have more durable fabrics and can be washed on a normal setting.

Pick an Appropriate Detergent

There are many laundry detergents on the market. Liquid detergents are gentler on clothing. When shopping for one, however, read the label to decide if it meets your needs. If shrinkage, fading, or harm to delicate fabrics are concerns, then pick a detergent to avoid have to deal with such problems.

Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Throwing loose clothes into the washing machine, on a regular cycle, can cause quite a bit of abuse. Mesh laundry bags are just a few bucks. You can put all your delicate items into the bag, and put it in the machine. It’s unlikely that anything will get snagged, ripped, or tangled this way.

Air Dry Your Clothing

Hot air can shrink clothes. You can avoid this by air drying any items that you don’t want this to happen to. This is easy enough if you have outdoor space such as a backyard; you could just hang stuff on a clothes line. Clothing dries especially fast in the warm summer months. There are also clothes-drying racks that fold up or collapse, which are ideal for small spaces.

Dryers can be set to run cooler, but these tips will help increase the chances that your clothes still look new when they come out of the laundry. You can easily prolong the life of everything in your wardrobe. That saves time and cash, plus you can hold on to your favorite garments for much longer as well.