Gift Ideas To Make Up When You’ve Forgotten Your Loved One’s Birthday

Birthday is definitely a very special day in anyone’s life. Not everyone has that elaborated celebration where a big party is thrown dedicated to the birthday but actually one feels a little different on this day because it’s his/her day. This day indeed is special. When we forget the birthday of the special person in our life, not only we feel terribly bad but that person feels let down too. The key to making up for forgetting the birthday of the special person in our life is to craft a heartfelt apology and make sure it is really meaningful and at the same time it should show that you really have put some serious efforts and thoughts into correcting your memory lapse. A meaningful apology straight from the heart is the most vital thing in this context and if you want to add a real meaning to your apologizing gesture, presenting a nice gift could be a nice idea.

Now you might be wondering to know what gift should you buy for your loved one. Now this article tells you about some excellent ice-breaking gift ideas:

  1. An apology letter with gift voucher:

It is quite obvious that you know what types of apparel, cosmetics  brands or restaurant, cafes your special one likes and you can actually make this work. Attaching a gift voucher of his/her favorite shopping brand or restaurant is a very good idea when it comes to making your special person feel really special.

  1. Send a heart touching combo of Flowers and Cake:

Some people might call it a cliché but flowers and cakes have been always considered as the most heart touching gift. The fragrance of a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied with the super delectable taste of cake can do wonder in clearing the bad air in between two. You can easily send cake online as there are many flowers and cake stores available that offers online cake delivery in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or any other city.

  1. Surprise him/her with a romantic dinner date:

All you want to make your loved one feel special and delighted when he/she has been upset because of your memory lapse. Book a table in a good restaurant that specially serves the cuisine  that your special one likes the most and give a nice surprise of a good candle-night dinner treat to your special one and also don’t forget to ask for the apology first.

  1. A good book written by the favorite author of your loved one:

If he/she is a book lover, this gift will definitely win the heart of your special person. One thing you need to ensure that the book is still unread by him/her. Buying such book will definitely show much you love and think about your close one.

  1. A romantic basket of gifts with sorry note:

When it comes to asking for apology, nothing works better than a basket full of her favorite chocolates, flowers, bright balloons, cookies etc. Before presenting this gift to your beloved one, do not forget to custom this basket with “I am sorry” note.

Now you might have got an idea about the special gifts that you can gift to your loved one when you have forgotten her/his birthday.