LeheriyaSarees: A Simple Saree Which Can Make You Look Beautiful

by vanda

Emerging from the rural corners of the state of vast deserts, leheriya sarees have earned an auspicious place in the hearts of people all across the country. The extraordinary charm of such sarees lies in the scenicripple formation that is reflected on the cloth. The beautiful pattern of complex wave formations imprinted with vibrant colors and psychedelic shades have inspired its name which is the Rajasthani distinction for ‘waves’. With simplicity dripping down from the waves that seem to scatter from a concentrated center, leheriya sarees explicitly carry the essence of pure Rajasthan which unquestionably makes you look beautiful.

History Attached To Your Favorite LeheriyaSarees

The tie-resisting dye technique was initially spotted in the beautiful turbans of the men in Rajasthan in the nineteenth century. It had soon opened the gates for modern trading opportunities for the local merchants in the state. Though it was initially manufactured in the bright colors of yellow and red, it had soon welcomed the other eye-catching shades altogether. By the mid of twentieth century, Leheriya designs had already earned immense popularity among the neighboring states of the country because of the simple yet aesthetic look that it carries along with it.

The flourishing business and the richness of artistry has inspired many designs across the world. West Africa with Hausa, Indonesia with Tritik and Plangi, Japan with Shibori, and many such countries are also known to mimic the Leheriya design of Rajasthan, India.

Colors And Techniques

The exquisite pattern is created by molding the material into a diagonal roll and alternating the dyes with a vibrant shade and a dye-resistant technique with results in the vivid impression. Where colors of yellow, red and orange had always been popular for centuries, the recent introduction of the exotic shades of turquoise and indigo intermingling with white and mud texture, has earned immense popularity. Though the waves wider in proportion can be prepared by the traditional techniques which are being followed for decades and centuries, creating the closer waves requires unprecedented skills altogether.

Material And Designs

Leheriyasarees are available in a wide range of material to suit the wishes and demands of the people alike. Whether you are looking for comfort in cotton and sophistication in silk or willing to shine like a diva in chiffon, georgette, and nylon, Leheriyasarees are just not going to disappoint you in any way. You can easily find a wide range of gorgeous leheriyasarees for every occasion on Fynd, Amazon, Flipkart as well as other popular online shopping sites. For a classy finesse, opt for the silk leheriyasarees which obviously incurs an extravagant price because of the exotic touch.However, georgette and nylon are also available in a lower price range also. Besides the regular ones, you will also stumble upon the stunning collection of party wear leheriyasarees with a jaw-dropping gottapatti work on the border. The ones with all-over zari work are also going to flatter you the most.

Hence, having discussed the tits and bits of the very simple yet exotic leheriyasarees, it is now upto you how you want to recreate your style statement. No matter which style you pick up or what you do, remember that style comes with confidence. So be confident enough with whatever you wear and see the days getting never dull again.