Mosaic Marble, Travertine and Natural Stone Tile Options For Kitchens And Baths

by vanda

Mosaic Marble Tile is a fantastic surface for interior stone wall tiles and floors, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, and counters. They are made from an exciting choice of natural materials and are available in many colors and sizes. Different materials, of course, have different characteristics that work with various decor and conditions. Let’s take a look at four of the most popular materials used for square mosaic tiles and explore what each natural stone has to offer.


  • Marble is a metamorphic crystalline rock which is used in sculpture and construction. It is prized for its almost satin appearance after it is polished. It is a very hard stone that has a luxurious, expensive look. It can scratch easily and may not be the best choice in high traffic areas or homes with young children. Marble is available in a wide range of color choices.
  • Limestone is a sedimentary rock. In its purest form limestone is white when other compounds are present it can take on many different colors and hues that can range from subtle tones to brighter shades. Limestone is a popular building material. Limestone is a vitreous, (non-porous), or semi-vitreous, (somewhat absorbent), material. It’s often a good choice for wet or high moisture areas.
  • Travertine is a dense, compact type of limestone that is usually found around waterfalls and streams. Like limestone, travertine varies in hardness and density. It is available in a variety of warm, earth tones. The surface may have a bubbled or speckled look that can be filled and polished to produce a harder surface. These variations can add interest and visual texture to enhance both large and small areas.
  • Granite is an igneous rock which is extremely durable and vitreous (non-porous). It’s a good alternative to marble in high traffic areas and families with children.
  • Onyx is a banded agate with a translucent quality that can add elegance to tiled areas.
  • Slate is a metamorphic rock with visible layered lines formed from volcanic ash and clay. It can be used to achieve a cutting edge contemporary look or a rustic, earth-friendly feel.

You should take into account each natural stone’s unique quality as to how it will look and perform in different applications. Consider interior or exterior environmental conditions, interior features, and lifestyle considerations. Check out some of the best selections available in Amber Tiles. When you look for mosaic square tile, make sure to look for the manufacturer’s recommendations.