What Does the Fox Say about Living with Alopecia

by vanda

There’s a chronic condition that many women live with that is as sly as a fox.  In fact, the name of the condition alopecia comes from the Ancient Greek for “fox disease” and dealing with it takes a lot of cunning.  Where a fox might shed its fur twice annually, many women who deal with alopecia find they might not experience hair regrowth for years – if ever.

Alopecia is caused by a common autoimmune skin disease that causes the body to attack the hair follicles as a foreign body.  This leads to a loss of hair on the scalp, face and other parts of the body.  Nearly 7 million Americans have this condition.

With so much emphasis on hair being the “crowning glory” of a woman, those who lose their locks can experience a lot of stress, which only makes the situation worse.  But other women, find they can celebrate their unique look with a positive attitude boosted by the realization that they are not alone.  Also, men as well as women get this disease.

Using tattoos on the scalp to playful and creative ways has become an artistic way to decorate the bald pate.  Beautiful, colorful whorls, patterns, affirmations and designs such as henna wedding patterns are common.  Another way women cope with the loss of hair, besides using scarves, wigs and going au naturel is to play up the area around their eyes.  Eyelash enhancements are a very common and effective to draw the attention to the face, and off the scalp in a pleasing and beautiful way.

Using false eyelashes and colorful eye shadows, pencils and creams can add up over time, but for those who know about the savings on a site like Groupon, cost savings can easily be realized.  Using a Groupon coupon can save time and money.  You can access the site on your smart phone or other mobile device and pull up a Groupon that can save as much as 60{f378ea13e37c3f2a87175f9c9bc60f4d72c36bc9ec79fa0253663f8723c06811} off the cost of a full set of lashes, with options for refills in the future.

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, eyelashes are the window dressing that makes them more beautiful.  If the Fox could say anything about living with alopecia, it would be – use Groupons!


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