Why Russian Hair Extensions Are In High Demand

Hair extensions can be a very good way to make you look and feel presentable and attractive. It is the most effective way to give you a makeover as it comes in various different colours and textures. Out of all the different hair extensions the most popular one is Russian hair extensions.


The benefits of Russian hair is the longevity of the hair as it has not been chemically processed. You can have the hair coloured or highlighted, but it should be done only by a professional with great care to maintain the integrity of the hair. If handled with care this hair can last for years.

Another benefit of Russian hair is the silky soft texture that is incomparable in the human hair extension market. One of the reasons this type of hair is so coveted by many is the stunning shine, natural appearance that is so easy to blend with your natural hair and finally the way the hair moves. It is a signature look for a sleek straight or very slight body that is hard to meet with any other hair type.

Getting EH Hair Extensions done has become a common trend among young women who have a deep interest in fashion. These extensions are made from natural hair sourced from different parts of the world. While having an extension done, you need to be careful enough to go for the one which works well with the type of hair you have.

At present, Russian hair extensions are very popular. As compared to Asian and European hair, the ones which are imported from Russia do not undergo any type of chemical processing. One unique feature of this type of extensions is that they remain silky even if you apply colour on them. As compared to virgin human hair from other parts of Europe, Russian hair is softer and is ideal for women with blonde locks.


 But you may need to spend a large sum to have Russian hair extensions done. This is because; the supply of raw virgin human hair is less as compared to the ones which are imported from other parts of the world. A benefit of using extensions made from virgin Russian hair is that you can attach them to your hair through different methods like glueing, clipping or bonding.

Moreover, you can have it coloured according to your skin complexion. The amount which you will have to spend to have extensions done and removed depends on the time period during which you want to maintain them. It is wiser to go for extensions made from natural human hair rather than the ones made from synthetic hair as the former can be dyed, curled and washed without spoiling the locks.

Checkout your stylist

Check the portfolio of a hair stylist before hiring his or her services. You can consult people close to you who have done hair extensions in the past to collect details about some of the best hair stylists. But keep one thing in mind. Having a hair extension done requires a lot of time. So once your appointment is fixed, you need to set aside four to six hours for the treatment. To maintain these extensions properly, make it a point to apply moisturisers on a daily basis. This will prevent breakage of hair and split ends.