Why You Might Consider Purchasing a Marquise Engagement Ring

An engagement ring may be the most important piece of jewelry you ever buy especially if you are planning to surprise your soon-to-be fiancée. The gorgeous and the elegant perfectly cut diamonds makes marquise rings perfect for that proposal. If you are looking for a dramatic effect that will really sweep her off her feet in this modern era, you can definitely have the marquise engagement rings among the choices. Marquise refers to the cut and shape of the diamond used in the ring. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider a marquise setting.

Bargain in price

Marquise diamonds tend to be less expensive than comparable weight stones in other cuts. This is because the shape of the stone allows the maker to cut around flaws in the original diamond, meaning, it is not necessary to start with a perfect stone. You may also be able to spend less on these rings because you can buy a smaller stone and get the same effect as you would with a larger stone in another cut. Basically, a marquise stone allows you to buy a more impressive ring than you would actually be able to afford. This cut is the best way to get the most for your money.

Appears large

Because of the way the marquise is cut, there is less waste of the rough diamond. The cut is too shallow and therefore, most of the weight of the diamond is carried to the top. This means that a smaller carat diamond will look larger in real condition as opposed to other types of cuts with deep pavilions. It looks larger although the diamonds are smaller. This is a good benefit because you do not need to order the big marquise engagement rings for having the large diamond on the ring.

Elongates and slims the fingers

Marquise engagement rings are created to create better finger appearance. The elongated stone makes your fingers look longer and slimmer. Also for women with tiny hands, a marquise ring can look impressive without overwhelming a small hand. The oval with tips shape of these rings offers this flattering effect for people all over the world. You can try to solve the problem of not perfect look on the fingers by choosing to wear this gorgeous ring on your finger.

Fancy cut diamond

Another reason you should consider marquise engagement rings is due to their combination of tradition with an unusual twist. A marquise ring has a classic look without the predictability of a round stone. Due to its elegance and sharp tips which are very unique, the marquise style has been popular in traditional and modern rings designs. Therefore, this is the perfect cut for someone who would like something a little different from other normal stones in the market.

The above information should be able to give you a comprehensive understanding of some of the advantages of this elegant marquise style. You can now easily consider choosing this sophisticated marquise engagement ring for a breath taking moment during your proposal.