3 Ways to Teach Independent in Children since the beginning

by vanda

Teaching children independently does not mean assigning workloads to children that exceed their abilities. Teaching independent does not mean parents are too lazy to help, so ask children to do everything themselves.

In the end, children must do everything alone without the help of parents. Always give help to children will only hamper the child’s growth into adulthood. Teaching independent should be done in stages, don’t be too extreme. You need to see the ability of children because every child is different. If you want to find International School Chonburi that teaches independent character education, you can try to enroll your child in St Andrews Green Valley.

Here is how to teach independent to children:

Explain Slowly

Explain to the child what independence is like and why it needs to be done. The basic thing that parents can do in teaching independence to children is to say that parents can not always accompany and help children in doing everything. Therefore, children need to learn to do everything themselves.

The most important thing is to give awareness to children that the outside world is hard, whether they like it or not. Children will be dealing with people with a variety of characters that can make them happy or sad. Teaching independently to children is another way to foster a strong attitude in the future.

Start from the Small Things

You can start to teach independent character from small things such as making his bed, brave enough to ask strangers, buy something at the stall, finish his homework, and learn to take responsibility for tasks and activities at school, including admitting mistakes and apologize.

It’s good for parents not to force children to develop their attitudes. Every child has different stages. For this reason, parents need to pay attention to the child’s needs and monitoring their development into an independent person.

Give praise

Giving praise every time a child succeeds in doing what they do is part of teaching an independent character. When children feel appreciated for what they do, they will be more eager to complete their tasks.

Giving praise also shows that parents pay attention to details that are done by children. Not only praise, when children make mistakes it’s good for parents to correct them. However, it should be done wisely and not impressed by judgment which makes children afraid to do something.