5 Creative Things to Do with Flowers

by vanda

Flower is perhaps the most beautiful thing ever created by God. And this particular phrase has been told by everyone who walked over this planet. Why won’t they say? After all a flower is a thing whose view is not only enjoyed but it is also used to decorate home for organizing special occasions. I have learned about some useful things that one can do with flowers apart from binding it in a bouquet form. You may buy the colorful blooms from any flower shop in Dubai and then engage your mind to do something innovative with the flowers.

Dry flowers candles: Imagine a colorful flower peeping from your white candle! You can make it yourself by bringing in some colorful flower and drying it up first. Now you have to fix the dried flowers over the candles with wax. If you come across some interesting shape of leaf or an unconventional looking flower petal, do this trick and enjoy the view till the time the candle is there. It is also a lovely gift idea for impressing your lovers.

Greeting cards: Incorporating flowers in making a greeting card is quite an old practice which we have forgotten with time. Make your kids learn these tactics of creating greeting cards with dried flowers. The fun of making greeting cards all by yourself is cherished much till today. Make one for your best friend since childhood and send it over to his address and see how nostalgic he becomes.


Colander and flowers: Have you ever imagined using a colander to decorate your balcony of kitchen space. You can use colorful colanders and fill that up with potting soil and place the ferns and pansies for an innovative look to your interiors. Now you have to hang these colanders from the ceiling in your balcony or kitchen for the onlookers to praise.


Boutonnieres or table decoration: With flowers, you can make the simple boutonnieres for your daddy or hubby or brother. You need some foil paper, a rose or any other flower that you wish to be over his coat and also some fillers. And it’s quite simple to make it. If you have a wonderfully blooming garden, pick up some of the fresh flowers keeping long stems. Keep various colors of flowers in one bunch and wrap with a floral printed scarf for your table decoration. Now make four to five and keep beside every plate and welcome your guests in an impressive way.


Floral Napkin Rings: Napkin rings to hold your white napkins can be made a funky one by incorporating some lovely flowers into it. You need to buy some artificial roses or tulips for this purpose. Get your favorite color of artificial flower and sew them together into hair elastics with a few stitches. Isn’t that a great idea to do with flowers in Dubai? Get flowers from shops or pluck form your garden to make this piece.