6 New Rules of Wearing Dress Shirts!

by vanda

Gone are the days when dress shirts were only considered to be limited to formal dressing. These days, even casual dress shirts are available and they are very much in fashion.

You might be wondering how come dress shirts can be worn casually? Well, here’s a good news! Now you can wear colorful dress shirts without having to give them a corporate look as they are available in funky and vibrant designs and colors.

Generally, we tend to confuse ourselves while selecting a dress shirt just because we are unable to decide what kind of colors or designs we should opt for.

Normally, dress shirts are available in the most common cotton stuff but now they can be found in fabrics as per the seasonal requirements for instance you can buy a woolen dress shirt for winter season as well.

So, check out these top 6 rules that you should keep in mind while selecting a couple of dress shirts for you this season.


  • Choice Of Colors:



One of the most important aspects while opting for a dress shirt is to choose the right color scheme and pattern. Generally, for office and for corporate meetings, checked or plain dress shirts are preferred and for casual meetings, you can go for linings or self-printed dress shirts.

Colors like brown, black or gray are preferred for office while colors like green, purple or red are preferred for casual hangouts.


  • Size Does Matter:


You just can’t go wrong with the dress shirt if you choose the one with the right size. Collar sizes are preferred while choosing dress shirts.

Therefore, before you opt for buying new dress shirts this summer season; make sure that you have taken the measurement of your collar size so that you can buy the dress shirt that would fit you perfectly.


  • Seasonal Requirements:


Not everyone likes to wear plain, cotton dress shirts all the time. That’s why the fashion trends for dress shirts have widely changed over the recent years. Now you can buy dress shirts in seasonal fabrics like for instance you can go for woolen dress shirts or even silk dress shirts if you are headed off to any wedding or fancy hangout.

Even if your preferred choice is still the cotton-made dress shirts, make sure that you buy the best brands when they are available under discounted deals.


  • Accessorize Your Shirt:


Dress shirt doesn’t have to be boring. If you are tired of wearing the same shirts every day and want to turn them into something more unique and innovative by accessorizing it with matching ties, broches and cufflinks of your choice.

Not only these accessories exhibit a beautiful fashion appeal to your overall attire but also they can turn any occasion into a graceful one as you wear them to it.


  • Contrasting Combinations:


Give your wardrobe a frivolous new look by adding contrasting color combinations of dress shirts with matching pants, jackets or even shoes.

For instance if you are looking to wear a dress shirt in summer; go for light colors like light pink, light blue or even light cream color would do and for mix season or nighttime functions; you can go for dark colors like navy blue, black or shades of brown.


Author Bio:

 Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at https://www.menssuithabit.com/ who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂