9 Easy Retail Store Display Ideas For Improving Your Sales

According to renowned researchers Dr. LD Rosenblum, Dr. Erica Keeps, and Dr. Harold Stolovitch, our five senses process information in the ratio mentioned below.

retail store display ideas

It is evident that humans are highly visual in nature. This is something that comes in handy, especially if you are running a retail store. People prefer to make purchases from a retail store because they can see and feel the products in person due to different retail store display ideas.

The inventory visuals and product branding are the elements that entity customers to walk into your store to make purchases. Retail store display ideas for your store will play a vital role in the same. Therefore, the optimum steps need to be taken to make your retail store as attention-grabbing as possible.

Retail Store Display Ideas – Another Step Towards Growth

1) Deploy Retail Display Ideas to Create a Relatable Theme:

Immerse your customers in an environment that relates to the products they are looking for. This way, you can make your customers visualize the bigger picture while making the right choice to fit their requirements. The displays can be simple but captivating enough to get the customer fixed.

For example, Nike outlets selling sportswear will comprise dummies in running stances. Moreover, the store walls will be covered with posters of athletes or models of engaging physical activities.

retail display ideas

2) Place Enticing Inventory in Front Displays:

Place the higher selling products or the ones that catch the customers’ eye in the front for ease of access. Manage your merchandising management visibility in ways that make the products easily visible and available to the consumers. This will improve their chances of making a purchase.

For example, footwear and accessories are always placed ahead of bridal gowns in bridal apparel stores. This is because the stores are sure that the customers are looking for gowns so they will check them anyway. However, keeping accessories and footwear in front will catch their eye too, and might entice them to make the purchase.

3) Implement Retail Store Display Ideas to Avoid Overcrowding of Products:

One of the most essential “Do Nots” of retail store display ideas is overcrowding of products on display windows. This creates clusters of products, which do not appeal to the eye of the customer. This might rather confuse the customers and they will pass on the entire range of inventory put on display with the help of Inventory Management Software.

In the words of Linda Cahan, Display Consultant at Cahan & Co., “Space is equal to luxury in the retail industry. If you cram too many items in a single display window, they will look cheap.”

4) Implement Cross-merchandising Strategies:

Do you want to increase your customers’ cart contents? Then you have to push them to do so. Cross-merchandising is one way to push them for it. All you need to do is bundle certain product types together that complement one another. This puts an image in the customers’ minds about options available to them to pair up with their preferred products.

For example, garment stores pair blazers with suitable shirts for their garment shop front display ideas. This way, they give the customers a glimpse of color combinations they might want. Hence, they increase the chances of customers buying the shirt along with the blazer.

5) Store your Display Materials with Care:

As a retail store owner, you will not want your display objects, projects, and materials to be spoiled or damaged. Therefore, store them carefully to prevent the articles from any kind of damage. These items can be reused, which avoids unnecessary investment and promotes sustainability. Want to know How to Increase Sales in Retail.

For example, Adam Williamson of Sessions Music stated that they reserved a clean and dry area to store their materials for future purposes. They also invested in superior quality storage materials like hard poster tubes for their window graphics.

6) Use Portable Displays for Ease of Arrangement:

As a retail store owner, what would you prefer – displays weighing so much that they consume hours in setting up and dismantling or something light and easy to move around? The answer would be the latter one.

Use displays that are easy to move around without much effort. This way you can set them up easily when you open your store and dismantle them with equal ease while closing. Moreover, portable displays also keep your visual merchandising on-point and focused.

7) Lighting is the key to Make your Retail Display Enchanting:

As obvious as it may sound, there are multiple stores that fail to understand the idea behind well-lit displays. A poorly lit display can ruin all the efforts you have put in to make your store display enchanting. The overhead lighting and built-in lighting at some stores are enough to keep the displays well-lit. However, adding lights made particularly for your display windows will add to the enchanting aura of your retail display.

For example, the wall displays at eyewear stores use accent lighting to make their eyewear look more enticing to their customers.

retail store display ideas

8) Use Localized Creative Retail Display Ideas:

In case you have multiple stores, you can use your store display ideas to incorporate the sense of localization in your store by reflecting the preferences of each location.

Analyze local trends and popular products of the particular location and display those in eye-catching positions to entity customers. Having a POS solution will come in handy here for generating insights through real-time analytics.

9) Change Displays Regularly to Keep the Attention Latched:

You can never be stagnant with your retail displays. Keep changing the display windows at regular time intervals. This might sound troublesome, but you do not want your customers to feel that you lack creativity and that your products are ordinary.

You can set a timeline for yourself, like changing your displays monthly. However, during holiday seasons or events that bring in higher sales (for example, Halloween in the US), you may need to change the displays weekly as well.

Summing it up

With the increasing competition in the retail space, there is no room for mediocre retail display ideas anymore. As a retail store owner, you need to come up with retail store display ideas to stop customers in their tracks. You will need to entice them to make purchases from your store and come back for more.

However, your retail display will not be effective if it does not highlight the merchandise that has high consumer demand. No matter how good your retail display ideas are, they will tend to fail unless you make data-empowered decisions to analyze what will work and what will not.

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