Accruing Technical Debt May Lead To Premature Death

by vanda

When you accrue technical debt constantly, there are high chances that it would lead to design death as well. The concept of technical debt is not at all new and software developers throughout the world are constantly struggling to find ways to effectively manage and pay of such debt to prevent premature death of the software development company. Accruing technical debt over time may result in the loss of time as well as money not to forget the loss of customers in the long run. All this would seriously affect the quantum of debt and its management which may compel you to shut down the project.

Accruing Tech Debt

There are some telltale characteristics of technical debt and design death which needs to be understood clearly to get a fair idea about tech debt. It is a common practice by the software development company to become lax regarding the quality of project over time and during the project. The reasons for such complacency may be because the developing team is expected to do a lot to complete the functionality required in a project is a very short time. This often compels them to cut corners to put in as much functionality as they can within that stipulated time without even testing the code before the release.

Characteristics And Quality

Another reason for such tech debt accumulation may be that the team does not give the characteristics of a project high priority and does not take adequate measures to maintain the quality of the project code. When a code lacks in quality, it cannot stand up to the fierce competition with similar codes designed by your rival companies and lose importance and users in the end. The issues and debt items are not visible to the end users, and the developers are unable to get the necessary feedback about the code, its quality, and functionality, allowing the debt to accumulate.

Useful Graphs And Insights

There are several insights and characteristics to it, and also developers outline some very useful graphs that help a company to indicate the health of a project and to identify any underlying issues with the software project. To prepare such graphs, there are several data and references required by the developers of the software. When you use such graphs, you can easily and quickly formulate the ways in which you can address the existing issues with the software project which is resulting in the accrual of technical debt with each passing day along with slowing down the pace and functionality of the project on the whole.

Debt Builds Up 

With constant pressure from the management, no team can produce better codes and each team has to rework on codes which are already poor in quality. This constantly builds up tech debt just like any financial debt accumulates and ultimately reaches to unmanageable proportions. Now, just the way you treat and manage your financial debts by knowing all the ways and methods as to how to get out of credit card debt or you consolidate credit cards, you should also pay off your tech debt in similar way and diligence.