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The last Best AR FF weapon is the Scar, this weapon is arguably the Groza that is easy to find. This is because, if used properly, Scar’s abilities are similar to Groza. Even if you already have the right attachment, you can match Groza’s weapon.
Even though it’s spelled that way, Scar’s Best Free Fire AR can’t fight Groza. In addition, the damage from this Best FF AR Weapon is also quite large, and can be used to fight up to medium distances only.

assembled AR-10 rifles

This weapon that is popular among gamers is indeed known for its performance. We know this weapon since the Counter Strike (CS) era on PC first. And now it is certain that in every game with the theme of military-style warfare, there must be this AK weapon with various versions.
There is no doubt that this weapon will be included in the list of the best free fire weapons 2020. AK is the Best Free Fire AR Weapon with quite strong capabilities. Even if you fight from close range with the enemy, then most likely you will win the duel.
Even though it has great damage, the accuracy of this weapon is quite high. So when you shoot, the bullet can
leads anywhere, so don’t forget to look for the Foregrip Attachment.

The following assault rifle weapons are the last in the best order in free fire. Because this weapon is rarely used and also coupled with its burst damage that not all players can.
Even so, this weapon can be said to be very painful when you use it properly. Just imagine, players can shoot several bullets at once, even more so if it is added with a skin that increases the rate of fire it will be deadly.