Best Streetwear Brands Of 2022

Streetwear is a massive trend and there are several brands that you can wear. Furthermore, some brands are far more expensive than others. If a fashion brand chooses an athleisure style, it will likely be more affordable. If a brand opts for more of a loungewear look, it will likely be more expensive.

When streetwear first started, the style was aimed at skaters and surfers. Now, it has changed massively with people that are into their fashion choosing to wear these styles. It is something that is loved by many celebrities which causes the hype around brands on social media.

Over the last decade, there have been many brands that have become streetwear giants. Some of these include Off-White, Supreme, and Bape(A Bathing Ape). Streetwear now is no longer the affordable clothing that it once was, with clothing brands collaborating with some of the most luxurious fashion brands to design limited edition clothing. For example, Supreme will collaborate with Louis Vuitton to design luxurious full tracksuits.

Now, there are a lot of streetwear brands which are prioritising a luxury style compared to the cheap mens hoodies and plain oversized tees. Here are some of the most common fashion brands of 2022 that you should be wearing.


Supreme is one of the most common brands of 2022. It is a New York City-based brand that was founded back in 1990. It became popular with the hip hop and skateboard community before making its work across the rest of the world.

Supreme took a new approach to market a fashion brand. What they did was release collections with limited numbers, causing a lot of hype around the collection. This would then have people queuing up endlessly outside of Supreme’s shops from the early hours of the morning.

Due to the popularity of Supreme in the streetwear community, many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior create premium clothing that is loved by many.


Up next is the godfather of streetwear, Stussy. This brand started with a man called Shawn Stussy that originally started his brand by scribbling his name onto surfboards. Due to its popularity with surfers, this brand became extremely popular along the west coast. Now, it is still a popular brand in 2022, with other brands collaborating with them.


Another fashion brand that took a different approach to streetwear and this brand was founded in the UK. Furthermore, this brand is very new to the streetwear community, founded in 2009. Additionally, they took a similar approach to market their brand like Supreme. They would release clothes every Friday with a limited number to cause a lot of hype around the brand. 


Finally, Adidas are the final brand on the list and they aim for a more athleisure style compared to a loungewear style. Nonetheless, they have collaborated with major streetwear fashion brands. Yeezy is another brand that collaborates with streetwear brands and Adidas is one of them, designing the Yeezys that many people will wear in 2022. Moreover, Adidas specialise in full tracksuits which is a common style that people wear in the United Kingdom.