Business Growth and Future Outlook

Touch Dynamic’s Business Expansion Plan is Producing Growth

Like every business, we are always looking toward the future, looking to grow in ways we could have only dream of 10+ years ago. Now we are proud to announce that even through a pandemic, supply chain issues, and labor shortages, our business has been able to thrive and grow substantially over the last two years.

Touch Dynamic recently rented a secondary, much larger, warehouse facility in Piscataway, NJ, to house our ever growing inventory. We are excited about this business expansion as it has allowed us to build on our warehousing, increasing our overall hire count to 30+ new hires since the pandemic began.

We desperately needed this space due to additional inventory levels to accommodate our much larger monthly volume. When the pandemic started, we, like many other hardware manufacturers, did not know what the future would hold. But one thing was certain; we wanted to ensure we had the inventory our clientele needed without any additional shipping or lag time. An All-in-One system is the IT hub of many companies, and we did not want our loyal customers to be affected by supply chain or production issues. In doing so, we grew the amount of inventory we normally have on hand and have been able to keep up with shipping demands, keep our entire staff on board – plus new hires – and are looking forward to growing the business even more.

So what’s next? Now that our warehousing capabilities have reached new heights, we are again looking toward the future and expanding our corporate headquarters. This will be a large undertaking that will take time and patience, but we are up to the challenge and look forward to our next major business expansion.