Buy Damascus Steel Hunting Knives 2021 Online

Damascus knives are those that are made with Damascus steel, also known as Damascus steel. These types of knives are extremely hard, but at the same time, they have great flexibility. Its cutting edge is almost impossible to waste. The technique that works with damascene steel is the one currently used for high-end knives. Because of the work involved, they are usually one of the most expensive, but also the most beautiful and sharpest.

The Damascus steel knife is one of the most exotic knives in the world and in online market these Knives for sale available at lowest rates. Their lines are clean throughout the entire sheet, and they usually have engravings or drawings. This is just a way to show the different layers that the sheet has.

The manufacture of such a knife is made by joining very hard and very thin steel so that it is strong and flexible at the same time. The more layers the knife has, the more bond and tough it will have.


  • Damascus knives are of the highest quality due to the materials with which they are made. The Damascene steel is not that it automatically gives the shape of the knife, but the layered work that makes the blade very strong.
  • The overlapping of the steels gives a hard but flexible blade that gives comfort when handling the knife.
  • Some Damascus knives are industrially made, but the most striking are those that are forged by hand. As the way steel is heated, stretched, and forged, this knife becomes an amazing piece of craftsmanship.
  • These knives can be used both as a tool and a utensil in the kitchen. It is used by professional chefs, but it is also commonly used in outdoor hunting.

Brands and Models

  • Perkin Knives Damascus steel hunting knife: The steel is forged over 300 layers, and has a blade hardness of 56 – 58 HRC on a Rockwell scale. It has a price of 65 euros.
  • Chef Kitchen Knife PAL 2000 MNSA-8791: It is handmade. With a length of approximately 35 centimeters, it has a blade that is 20 centimeters long. Its handle is made of wood, and it has an enviable sharpness. Its price is 99 euros.
  • Deik Damascus Kitchen Knife: It has 67 layers of Damascus and also VG10 stainless. It is designed for professional and amateur chefs. Its wooden handle is ergonomic and how to handle it. It has a lifetime guarantee and is very similar to Japanese knives for its quality. The approximate value is 50 euros.
  • Navaris Damascus Steel Professional Kitchen Knife: It has 67 layers on its blade and a wooden handle. Its blade has an average measurement of 20 centimeters and is very sharp. In addition, it is resistant, hard and flexible. Its price is 53 euros.
  • Damascus steel folding knife MMJA-8850: A true gem when it comes to knives. These are widely used damascus steel hunting knives in the open air. Its blade is small, but it is strong, as its hardness is HRC 58 – 60 on the Rockwell scale. It is an impressive work of craftsmanship, and it is of the highest quality. Its price is 120 euros.
  • Damascus Chef’s Knife SHAN ZU: A very high quality knife, it has a size of 20 centimeters. It provides a flawless and precise cut, as well as being comfortable to handle. It is not corrosive, and it can last for a very long time. It has a value of 100 euros.