Five Facts about Watch Winders Everyone Should Know

by vanda

A watch winder is very necessary if you have lots of automatic watches. It keeps them ticking and functioning. Watch collectors find winders helpful in keeping their valuable timepieces at top condition. But how much do you know about watch winders? Well, here are Five Facts about Watch Winders Everyone Should Know:


To begin with, it is useful to know what winders are and what they do. Winders serve the purpose of automatic watches ticking . Keep in mind that these watches need a constant movement to move around.. Automatic Watches, in fact, have a self-winding mechanism, despite the name. They are termed “automatic” because they do not require you to manually wind them. They are engineered to self-wind by the natural movement of the wrists. These watches remain functioning as long as the owner wears them.

However, after their innovation, people began to realize that they stop self-winding when they are not worn for a long time. This led to the invention of the watch winder. It’s an easy, yet simple winding system that maintains the watch’s performance by replicating the motion of the wrist. Once the timepiece is placed inside the winder, its quality remains intact until the next time it is worn.


A watch winder is powered in different ways. Two common ways are through AC adapter and batteries. Manufacturers specify that you use alkaline batteries as opposed to rechargeable ones. This will ensure that it will be in good condition all the time. Manufacturers also include AC adapters, which you can plug in to keep the machine in good functioning.


One great thing about any watch winder is that it will keep your automatic watch functioning even if it is not being used. It is very suitable for a watch collector like you. You do not need to wind the watch every day since the machine will do it for you.


Watch winders make ideal gifts for special celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, business success or achievement in a sporting event. When you know your dear one owns an automatic timepiece from a leading manufacturer, the auto-winding device is exactly what you should gift. After reading through the information here, you will be sure as to why winners make great gifts.

Most people won’t consider giving an automatic watch winder as a favorite gift. However, this is primarily because they don’t know much about it.


The cost of automatic watch winders varies depending on factors such as the make and the number of watches it accommodates. Needless to say, the best watch winders don’t make for cheap possessions. Their high price itself speaks of its quality and worth, which is at par with magnificent timepieces. Due to its full price scope, winders are affordable and available to the majority of consumers.

When you get an automated watch winder, you are in fact awarding yourself something of superior value. Let your loved ones know their worth by gifting them a luxury winder to suit their luxury watch.