forget these things if you have Lucky Bamboo at home

by vanda

If you are the one who loves indoor plants and keep on increasing the stock, it is a great thing because you are doing your bit of “save the environment” work. Increasing the green content in home is a fabulous way to lead life because you feel energized in a pleasant atmosphere. To heighten the look of your interiors, if you have recently got the lucky bamboo tree, you must read this article to know how to care about these two indoor plants.


Lucky Bamboo – all you should know


As per Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is an important plant that everyone should keep in their home as it brings a balance of the elements of water, wood, and earth and if placed in a perfect pot, the other elements of fire and metal would also be ignited. Thus, you become luckier and stronger. So, send lucky bamboo plants online to your friends, relatives, and family members if they are facing any major problem in life.

How to care for them?

It is one of those plants that is considered easy when it comes to maintenance. Just keep the following things in mind.

  • Bright but indirect or slanting light would be preferred by this plant. Always remember that direct sunlight may burn this lucky bamboo plant but again adequate amount of sunlight is also important for a glowing life of the plant. Because dearth of light would lead to weak growth and fading of color of this plant. And in some time it would stop growing leaves. So make sure that lucky bamboo is surrounded by some other plants so that it gets the sunlight and still that remains indirect.
  • The level of water for the successful growth of Lucky Bamboo should be a couple of inches. You have to check that the roots are completely submerged in water. Change of water is also very important and that can be done in every couple of weeks. You have to remember one fact that a lucky bamboo plant is sensitive to slats and chemicals present in normal tap water. So, keep refined filtered water or rain water for it.
  • The soil where the lucky bamboo is growing should be adequately wet. And this wet doesn’t mean that the soil has to be squelchy and dry cannot come anywhere near. The moistness should be something so that your finger sticks to the soil up to the first knuckle. Check this thing regularly and keep watering as per requirement.
  • Once a month you must use some fertilizer for your soil. For this purpose, you can use little dirty aquarium water in your soil.

When you know that buying this lucky plants online would increase your good fortune, you can do at least this much for the sake of your own growth. Apart from Lucky bamboo tree, you can also get the online bonsai tree and they are also a great thing to gift among loved ones.