How to Rhenus Lupprians face disruption technology in the shipping service industry

by vanda

Nowadays, three important aspects make the business of Rhenus Lupprians persist, namely customer intimacy (prioritize consumer needs and interests), product leadership (product variation and innovation & Services), and operational Excellence ( Best service quality with excellent operational capabilities).

Nowadays consumers can search for products from anywhere in the world or compare prices only through smartphones. Consumers are more accustomed to digital services, they expect to receive the same quality and flexibility from other industries. No longer is enough logistics companies deliver the goods on time, they need to offer a digital-based multiplatform service to bring the company and products closer to the customer.

Rhenus Lupprians has long developed innovations in technology-based services and ensures every contact point with customers, ranging from drop-offs and booking services, to travel goods until they reach the destination where they are easily accessible and Transparent anywhere and anytime by using the RMA logistics service from Rhenus Lupprians.

Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), Rhenus Lupprians can increase productivity and efficiency in serving the needs of shipping, improving transparency and better visibility of deliverables and real-time, and analyzing More accurate data for the right decision-making goals.

Rhenus Lupprians develops an integrated online delivery platform that can map customer journeys and provide transaction ease for customers in just one platform from calculating the cost of shipment, making a booking, and track post status in real-time.

With integrated and real-time technology, Rhenus Lupprians notifies customers shortly after the parcel arrives at the destination. Customers can get details of the recipient’s parcel information, time of acceptance, and a digital signature of the recipient.

Some innovations in product and service technology of Rhenus Lupprians, among others, are final mile delivery. With this service, the courier will come to pick up delivery items at customer-defined locations at no additional charge.

Rhenus Lupprians also has 24-hour drive-thru service and a 24-hour drop-off that provides customers with time flexibility in delivering goods or documents, as well as the convenience of payment facilities through cashless and cash on delivery.

All technology development is done by the company’s IT staff, making Rhenus Lupprians one of the leading shipping services companies in terms of technological innovation.