Just being in a relationship and planning to live-in together are two very different concepts. When you are in a relationship you tend to keep your best foot forward but when the two of you decide to move-in together a lot of darker realities seem to sneak in. With my personal experience and a strong sense of conviction that I have gathered over the years I would say that living in together is the best litmus test for your relationship as it will show you both the highs and the lows of it. We have listed down some of the things that you will find out when you start living-in together.

Living in together makes you learn the adjustments and responsibilities that one has to go through which otherwise were taken way too lightly in a relationship. Now will be the time when you will get to see the real person all by yourself. Earlier when most of your weekends were reserved for romantic dates will now be spent in sorting out things such as managing home, cleaning house, doing the dishes and even sharing the room too. It will make you understand the person’s habits, how they deal with crucial situations and much more. And some of the most important things such as ego and bad temper which are two of the most important element that spoils the relationships.

Personal hygiene is out in the open and no matter how awkward it was initially but now you can atleast talk about it with your partner. Staying in together develops that comfort level making it quite easier for you to share certain things which you otherwise might not have done.

When you decide to move in together, it is not just about the two of you anymore, it’s about your friends and family too. They judge you by the way you interact with them, I remember once a friend of mine was living in with her boyfriend and her parents came by to say a quick ‘hi’ to both of them. And her boyfriend just to get on their good book dropped them to the desired destination and also picked up flowers on his way from a florist in Kolkata for my friend’s mom to make her feel special.

Living in together is not just the best litmus test for your relationship but also for your anger management sessions too. How you deal with the worst side of your partner will make you realize how stronger is your relationship? You will definitely find some differences but I am sure you will gradually learn that rather than shouting at the other person the best thing to do would be sit and talk it out.