Raunchy lingerie advert showing video of models in thongs divides opinion as some slam it as ‘disgusting’

A LINGERIE advert showing a video of models wearing tiny thongs has divided opinion online.

Hannah Curran, 43, was left “disgusted” by the ads she spotted in a store in a shopping center in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Hannah Curran hit out at the 'erotic' advert


Hannah Curran hit out at the ‘erotic’ advertCredits: Facebook
Her view on the underwear ads divided opinion online


Her view on the underwear ads divided opinion onlineCredits: Facebook
Fuming Hannah compared the store to a 'strip club'


Fuming Hannah compared the store to a ‘strip club’Credits: Facebook

The advert shows models wearing different types of underwear – including thongs – and aims to celebrate different body shapes and sizes.

But in a fuming Facebook post, Hannah compared the Bras N Things shop to a “strip club” for showing off women’s bums in barely-there underwear.

She slammed the store and the mall for the “erotic” display and said they were “trying to turn into a strip club with this for public view”.

Hannah said it was “absolutely disgusting” and hit out at the shop for letting “children walk past and see this filth”.

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She raged: “We can not accept this as being OK in our society!

“My main concern is children easily being able to see these sexualised erotic images.

“We as a society must protect children and not normalize and promote any pornography, sexual or erotic images.”

Her view on the underwear ads divided opinion online – with some supporting her stance.

One said: “It is thoughtless and does not take into account all the different ages of people who use this thoroughfare.

“Not everyone is OK with a woman’s butt, with a G-string shoved up the crack being in full view.”

Another said: “Maybe turn the display to face the inside of the shop might be better.”

A third wrote: “I don’t have a problem with it at all to be honest and feel that celebrating women’s butts that look fabulous is amazing.”

But others strongly disagreed with Hannah – with some telling her to “get over herself”.

One wrote: “Don’t look at it if it bothers you.”

Another joked: “I don’t think anyone would be complaining if it turns into a strip club.”

A third said: “Goodness, another Karen. Have you been to the swimming pools or the beach? Get over yourself.”

A spokesman for the shopping center told the NT News: “We take our duty of care very seriously. It was undertaken by the store for the store.

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“But if we did receive a complaint, our first action would be to contact the retailer.”

The Sun has contacted Bras N Things for comment.