Retail Benefits of the Razor POS Solution

How Your Retail POS Solution Can Benefit From The Razor All-In-One

There is good news for retailers: people are shopping and they are spending. The National Retail Federation reported that total retail sales grew by 14% in 2021. They also predict sales will continue to grow by up to 8% in 2022, surpassing $4.9 trillion. With this continued sales growth, your business needs to be ready with a retail POS solution with the horsepower to handle transactions quickly. But, like a good sports car, your POS solution should also have a visual aesthetic that enhances your retail space.

Discover how the Razor All-In-One (AIO) can enhance your business and how to take advantage of its unique, customizable design to meet the specific needs of your business.

“Razor-Thin” Widescreen

Not all businesses have space for a large and bulky POS system. Businesses with extra room could better utilize it with a sleek new system that does not look and feel out of place in your otherwise visually appealing retail space. You can improve your staff’s work environment with an ergonomic system that efficiently uses your valuable real estate. Easy to use and easy to read, the Razor (AIO) boasts a luxurious 15.6″ touch screen slim-edge display that will help you cut through the clutter of your old, outdated POS system. While the razor-thin display grabs the most headlines, the fashionable rear design features multiple port options with peripheral expansions for docking connections allowing a myriad of options for customizing the setup for your exact preferences. With stylish black hardware, the liquid crystal In-Plane Switching (IPS) display will dazzle the eyes as the liquid crystals light up in bright high-definition color. The Razor AIO will bring a modernized aesthetic to your business.

Swivel, Swivel

Customers like being able to see their order as you are ringing it up for them. With the Razor POS system, you can easily use the 360-degree swivel base to show the display to your customer. You can also easily connect another display, back-to-back.

This invitation to your customer to interact with the transaction provides them with the ability to see the order as it is entered and to make payment directly from the screen. According to an in-depth study by PeopleMetrics, Inc. providing customers with excellent service from the moment they step into your business until the second they leave, can keep your customers loyal to your brand and keep them away from other brands.

Of course, you don’t need a scientific study of people or metrics to tell you that. You know that customer experience is paramount and helping your customer feel comfortable at that critical checkout moment can mean the difference between a bad review or a valuable repeat customer.

Customize For Your Needs

You know best what your retail business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. You are the only one who knows the exact needs of your business. A setup that works for you may not work for another retailer. For this reason, Touch Dynamic makes all of your solutions customizable.

The Razor is the complete opposite of the one-solution-fits-all model. For example, the Razor comes with the aforementioned 360-degree swivel base, but if you want to, you can get a rotating rear display to keep customers in the loop and eliminate the need for swiveling. Razor also offers the option to mount a second screen to a wall mount if you want if that works better for your particular situation. These additional displays can be the same 15.6” LED Projected Capacitive Display or a smaller 11.2” display.

Robust security measures like a magnetic stripe reader, biometric fingerprint reader, and an option of two separate 2D barcode scanners help give you peace of mind. The single most vital function of your business is that moment when the sale is made and it should be protected to your comfort level while making the checkout process faster and more efficient.

Featuring five different processor options, the Razor can function on both the Windows and Android platforms. With processing speeds ranging from 1.8 GHz on the Qualcomm 450 processor to the blazing-fast 4.1 GHz of the Intel® Whiskey Lake i5-8625U processor. With three different processor options in the middle, including the Intel® Elkhart Lake Celeron® J6412 on Windows, you only pay for the processing power you need.

The Razor is built with the power to expand via its multiple ports including 2 USB Type A,1 USB Type C, 2 COM DB9 powered RS232, 1 RJ45 LAN, 1 mini FeDP, and a 4 pin DC-in power port. With all of these ports, you can easily connect your RAZOR with integrated Magnetic Stripe Readers, a barcode scanner, a fingerprint reader, and a rear 2×20 display. Don’t let the RJ45 LAN port scare you though. The RAZOR comes with blazing fast Wifi and Bluetooth capability, eliminating wire clutter and enabling portable payment processing within your retail space.

There are a lot of factors to consider when incorporating technology into your business. Only you know your business’s exact needs. Choose a technology you can customize to meet your specific needs that make your staff and your customers be confident and relaxed throughout the transaction. Incorporating the Razor POS system can help you improve your customer experience and the profitability of your business.