What is Turnkey PCB Assembly

Most entrepreneurs and manufacturers find out that the old method of manufacturing electronic products and printed circuit board components is daunting because it is slow, error-prone and expensive. It is not designed for small batch runs and prototyping, or to

Types of Q Switches and Applications

Have you ever watched a laser cutting machine? Ever wondered how light beams cut through metals? Well, if you study deep about laser cutting there is very interesting science behind the scenes.

A laser cutting machine operates by applying high

3D Print Sensors for Satellites

MIT scientists have created the first completely digitally manufactured plasma sensors for orbiting spacecraft. These plasma sensors, also known as retarding potential analyzers (RPAs), are used by satellites to determine the chemical composition and ion energy distribution of the atmosphere.

Breakthrough in Rechargeable Silicon Batteries

A team of researchers from the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology has developed a proof-of-concept for novel rechargeable silicon (Si) batteries, as well as its design and architecture that enables Si to be reversibly discharged and charged.

Led by Professor Yair