Tips to Prevent Acid Buildup that Causes Cavities in the Mouth During a Pandemic

by vanda

The COVID-19 pandemic requires many people to move at home. Some people turn to comfort food or foods that make a person feel calm after eating them. These types of dishes are generally sweet or high in carbohydrates. Both types of food also cause acids that cause cavities in the mouth. Therefore, let’s prevent acid buildup so that it is free from dental and mouth disease.

How to prevent acid buildup

Problems in the teeth and mouth are caused by bad bacteria. Bad bacteria “work” best when the acidity (pH) in the mouth is low. Comfort food or drink, such as high-carbohydrate foods and sweetened drinks, can reduce this acidity.

When the acidity level is below 5.6, these bad bacteria become easier to grow and make teeth become cavities. Check out easy tips for fighting bad bacteria so as not to interfere with oral health.

Drink water

If the pH level is low when it is below 5.6, then what is the acidity level that doesn’t harm the teeth and gums? The average acidity level in the mouth is 6.7 to 7.3. The degree of acidity in the mouth is controlled by saliva.

Thus, you can prevent the buildup of acid that causes cavities in your mouth if you drink water regularly. Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated while ensuring enough saliva production to fight bad bacteria in your mouth.

The saliva that is produced protects the teeth from erosion caused by acids. Water also generally has a neutral level of acidity. That way, the level of acidity in the mouth is maintained if you drink enough water.

Don’t leave the sugar in your mouth for too long

The sugar that is consumed will be turned into energy. This process requires the help of enzymes in the mouth. When converting sugar into energy, this process creates acid. Therefore, do not let sugary foods or drinks that are consumed too long in the mouth. The acid that is present causes the teeth to lose the substances needed to protect the teeth so that it causes cavities in the mouth.

Healthy diet

Eating a well-balanced diet can help maintain overall health. Foods with balanced nutrition maintain your health while making you full, so you can reduce the habit of eating snacks between meals. If you want to eat sweet foods and drinks, do it at meal times.

Then, it’s hard not to really enjoy snacks. However, you can limit the consumption of foods and drinks that cause acid in the mouth. Don’t forget to drink water after consuming a snack to prevent acid buildup that causes cavities in the mouth.

Take a Steel Bite Pro supplement

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