Traditional Ways to Lose Weight with Simple Herbs

by vanda

Chinese Teak Leaves

Alexandria Senna or better known as Chinese teak leaves has been very popular since the 9th century by Arab people as a traditional laxative. These leaves contain laxatives that can facilitate the digestive system in the body. In addition, laxatives can also reduce levels of fat and bad cholesterol. Chinese teak leaves are also used as an alternative to shrink the stomach and slimming down the body. So, Chinese teak leaves can be used as traditional ingredients for weight loss. How to consume it is not difficult. First, prepare 2-3 tablespoons of Chinese teak leaves and put it in a glass. Then pour hot water and stir until the water turns brown. After that, drink it warm a maximum of 3 times a day after eating. Chinese teak leaves can be found at the nearest pharmacy.

Bay Leaves

If you ask a mother who often cooks, surely she is already familiar with this one plant. Yes, bay leaves are leaves that are often used to flavor dishes. But do you know the other benefits of bay leaves besides being delicious?

Bay leaves contain minerals and vitamins that can carry fat in our body, you know. These leaves can also be used as ingredients in traditional ingredients for weight loss. Are you curious?

1. Prepare 30 bay leaves.

2. Put the 30 bay leaves in a full pot of water.

3. Boil water containing bay leaves until the water is half.

4. Drink it warm once after meals.

5. Consume regularly.

9. Noni fruit

Even though it is extremely bitter, this traditional noni fruit concoction is quite effective in helping you lose weight. The triterpenoid alkaloids and moridone contained therein can function as a laxative that helps to clear bowel movements. How to make the potion is quite easy. First, take two noni fruit and wash them clean. Then, the fruit is boiled. Put a little salt in the stew. After that, drink the noni fruit boiled water earlier and feel its properties.

Indeed, this herb does not taste good.

Aloe Vera Juice

Besides having benefits in the world of beauty, aloe vera also has many benefits for the health of the body. Who would have thought, aloe vera can burn fat and calories, you know. Aloe vera juice is more delicious when combined with oranges. Do not believe? Let’s try the juice! How:

1. Wash the aloe vera first.

2. Take the aloe vera with a spoon, then put it in the blender.

3. Add orange to taste as a complement to the juice. If you want it to be served cold, don’t forget to add ice!

4. Then, blend it! Juice ready to drink

6. Green Coffee

Coffee is a hobby of today’s society. Not only as a nongki-nongki menu, green coffee is also useful as a drink that can lose weight. The chlorogenic acid in coffee can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. That way, consuming green coffee can be used as a dietary tool and help you lose weight. Green coffee is very easy to find in coffee cafes.


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