Understanding the High Cost of Technical Debt

by vanda

In today’s fast paced and ever changing environment, especially in the field of technology and modern software development, it is necessary to understand the high cost of technical bet in a project code. It is not only required by the development team of the code but it is equally required by the managers, CTOs, operations and others. The ORM is one of the most expensive form of tech debt and it I also the one which is often calculated improperly by the managers, startups and teams. This is one which bites hard in the scalability of the code in long term and affects the overall progress and functionality of the same.

Metaphors And Thinking

Tech debt is a metaphor which all know but it is the thought and approach towards addressing it which affects most. The thought which is influenced by the metaphor itself and you get a fair idea about it. You start to reason things with proper and calculated analogy with the help of the metaphor that may have entered your programming language. You come to know about all those things which are toxic to the scalability of the product and know about the ways to rectify them with proper reworking, which is considered as the repayment of the interest of tech debt.

Coining The Metaphor

It is important to coin the debt metaphor so that the refactoring that is currently being done of the project can be explained to all the members across the team and also to the stakeholders. It is important to accumulate the lessons learned about the app. When the programs are modified accordingly, it makes things to appear as if it were known to you all the way along. Tis way all the reworking and programming job becomes easy to perform. It is just like the financial analogy with the help of a financial software to find out what is best suited, required and what are the ways to prevent it from happening in the future.

Paying Off Is Important

In case of a financial loan, you can have the privilege to do a thing sooner with the borrowed money than otherwise but the bottom line is you have to pay back the money borrowed along with interest and have to continue paying until and unless all of it is cleared off. If you have multiple loans then you may have to consider all the pros and cons before making your final decision to consolidate debt loans. Similarly, borrowing or rushing the software out for an early release would enable you to gain some experience.

Understanding The Burden

You may rush things out of the door but should also put your learning back into the program when required, which, in terms of analogy, is to think that you can borrow money and do not need to pay back. On the contrary, all your purchasing power goes down to zero if you do so and similarly in designing a program with newer features but not reorganizing it to understand it, would take longer time to refactor bringing down the progress to zero.