Why should one always use a safety razor?

You would always have these questions running through your mind, “Why do I need safety razor for shaving?” or “Where can I buy a safety razor?” Well, it is pretty natural that with the advent of technology, majority of the things have taken a massive turn. There are multiple times when you would’ve faced problems while shaving. Be it the little cuts that you get, not being able to have a smooth shave or simply razors being a burden on the pocket. However, if you opt for a safety razor, chances are that you will benefit a lot. Let’s have a look at some of them;  

Better Shave

People who have used traditional razors might relate to facing several shave bumps and under grown hair. This is because the casual razors are not that effective that the safety razors. Even if you use the electric razors, chances are that you might face skin irritation from time to time. The best part about safety razors is that you will be having a single razor against your skin at a particular instant. This will inevitable be perfect for shaving.  

Compare this to a 5 bladed cartridge razor. If you go over your face twice, you will be exposed to nearly 10 passes a blade. Make sure you abide to the thumb rule; the less your face is in contact with a razor, the better it is. Another quality of a safety razor is that you are able to have a much smoother face overall.  

Environmental friendly 

You might be a regular user of the traditional disposable razors but there is a significant issue with them; they cannot be used again. Disposable razors are not recyclable and can only be used once or twice after which they are of no use. There was a research held recently that showed that nearly 2 billion disposable razors have been disposed off each year. That’s a huge amount of razors. In contrast, the safety razors can be used multiple times. This is seen as an excellent way to reduce environmental pollution and get the job done.  

Excellent choice for coarse hair 

There are a number of people that have this complain with regular razors. For example, for people having slightly thicker hair, shaving is one hell of a task. There are times when they have to shave twice or thrice in order make sure that they have a smooth shave. However, with a safety razor, your problem is solved. You will have the most ideal shave with no real problems whatsoever.  

Cheaper than the traditional razors 

One of the main points in favor of safety razors is that they are extremely cheap. In contrast to the common razors, safety razors can be used very casually. The razors might cost you about 20 to 25 cents each, even more cheap if you buy in bulk. You might wish to throw away the razor after a single use as well. This automatically ensure that you get a smooth shave via a new blade each time.